Amina Bokhary is a young professional

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Amina Bokhary is a young professional who is looking for a change in scenery and pace. She believes that making positive changes in her life will reap benefits in business. She has worked overseas recently, but is not taking time in her home city to focus on putting her skills and abilities to the best use in whatever new phase she chooses to pursue.

In 1999, Amina Bokhary graduated with a first-class honors degree in economics. Thereafter, she took up a position as a personal fashion consultant with a company called Selfridges in London. In this position she worked with professional stylists. Her keen eye for fashion helped her to create professional and appealing images for clients who were looking to choose between sporting, lingerie, evening, and day wear from amongst a vast clothing selection featuring brand names. This was Amina Bokhary’s first job, so she used to the opportunities available to her to build a base of fashion knowledge and management skills which would benefit her later in her career.

London was a great place to learn these skills, but Amina Bokhary felt that she needed to return to Hong Kong, her home. She has, since then, working with a number of leading names and projects, including Sotheby’s and LVMH store opening. She felt that Hong Kong had everything that the fashion world has to offer, from edgy trends to sharp suits. Her devotion to the job, ability, and enthusiasm led Amina Bokhary to be trusted with more responsibilities. Under Red Communications, she was the designer and manager of many event management projects, including fashion brand events and the Asian Gold Tournament at Mission Hills, an event attended by Tiger Woods himself.

Amina Bokhary wanted to sharpen her business skills along with her fashion knowledge, so she moved to Harvey Nichol’s, where she soon became the brand manager for Goyard, the high quality family-owned French luggage designer. In this position she was in charge of supervising a sales team, liaising with the Paris-based business owners, and working with the visual merchandising and marketing teams, too. Most of all, Amina knows she has been very lucky in her career and appreciates her home city of Hong Kong.

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